Children's Hospital Colorado Annual Report

2013 Annual Report: "13 Truths from 2013"

2013 Annual Report coverWhat is your truth?

In 2013, we looked at the top stories from the year and found 13 truths that speak honestly about our mission as a non-profit pediatric hospital.

For our 2013 annual report, “13 Truths from 2013,” readers will find an array of stories about the caregivers, patients and supporters who keep Children’s Colorado moving ever forward. 

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2012 Annual Report: "What Makes a Better Children's Hospital"

2012 Annual Report
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What will we remember from 2012?

At Children's Hospital Colorado, 2012 was a year of hopeful patient stories, research breakthroughs, physical growth and generous donors.

In our 2012 annual report, "What Makes a Better Children's Hospital," we look at all the ways we strived to make the future brighter for children.

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