I'm sure it's happened sometime, somewhere, but in my experience, I've never read a restaurant review, let alone an extremely positive one, of a hospital cafeteria.

In what certainly qualifies for placement in the "first time for everything" category, Children's Hospital Colorado's Fresh Market Place – our 24-hour a day food and beverage resource for staff, patients and their families – garnered a great review from one of the Gabby Gourmet's team of restaurant reviewers.

The Gabby Gourmet is one of the region's most familiar, respected and feared guides to the region's culinary efforts. On behalf of her legions of readers and in the name of good eating, her and her team's quality standards are uncompromising. A positive review has helped solidify already established restaurants and helped launch many a new restaurant effort. Conversely, a negative review from The Gabby Gourmet can spell trouble for the unsuspecting and less demanding restaurateur.

The Gabby Gourmet review is notable on two fronts:

  1. Hospital cafeterias are not the typical subjects of published or broadcast restaurant reviews. By definition, cafeteria fare does not rise to the minimum level of culinary achievement to warrant notice.
  2. Children's Hospital Colorado Fresh Market Place not only captured the attention of a Gabby Gourmet reviewer, but also the quality and presentation of our cafeteria’s food inspired an excellent review. That's right. Cafeteria food.

Needless to say, we at Children's Hospital Colorado are extremely proud on both counts. An independent and respected review of this important service we provide to patients and families and our own staff is testament to the high quality that defines the totality of Children's Hospital Colorado experience.

From the highest quality patient care delivered by the region's and the nation's finest pediatric professionals, to our new state-of-the art facility and our entire Network of Care, and now to our own Fresh Market Place where Amanda Losowski and her food services team serve up the kind of meals that make even a picky restaurant reviewer sit up and take notice, Children's Hospital Colorado defines and delivers excellence.

Enjoy the review and, by all means, bon appetit!

Read the Gabby Gourmet review (pdf.)