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Threatened Changes in Child-Only Insurance

On September 23, the Affordable Care Act was implemented as part of national healthcare reform. This legislation ensures that no insurance company may deny children coverage due to pre-existing conditions. As a result, insurance companies dropped their child-only insurance plans, which threatened to limit children’s access to affordable health care.

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Insurance Reform Part 2

My friend and colleague, Dr. Jonathon Bates, president and CEO of Children's Hospital Arkansas shared some interesting statistics related to the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA). In the 2,409 pages of legislation, there were 425,157 words

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Insurance Reform

Some of the most significant and potentially impactful changes created in the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) center around insurance reforms. Insurance companies will be precluded from imposing lifetime limits on coverage, there will be no exclusions based on pre-existing conditions, the doughnut hole for Medicare prescription drugs will be filled, there will be no annual limits on and coverage of preventative services and no cancellation of insurance coverage when someone becomes sick.

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