I want to own my own daycare for kids with special needs.

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Lessons Learned: Building a Hospital

Moving into a new hospital is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a hospital executive, an experience wrought with triumph and challenge. I’ve had the opportunity twice – that’s twice as many successes and twice as many lessons learned.

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Electronic Health Record: Improving Quality and Safety for Our Patients

One of the more innovative attempts to improve the quality and safety of patient care in hospitals revolves around the implementation of electronic health records (EHR). Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of automating the EHR particularly as it relates to the reduction of medication errors, ultimately leading to adverse drug event reductions and lives saved.

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Children's Hospital Colorado Stands Strong During Tough Times

Every day, news headlines announce yet another troubling component of the nation’s faltering economy. And, just like families, and large and small businesses across the country, we feel the impacts of the struggling economy right here at Children's Hospital Colorado. It’s important that all of the communities we serve know that we’re well prepared to meet those challenges.

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Children's Hospital Colorado Redefines 'Cafeteria'

I’m sure it’s happened sometime, somewhere, but in my experience, I’ve never read a restaurant review, let alone an extremely positive one, of a hospital cafeteria.

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Question: Why Children's Hospital Colorado? Answer: There is No Substitute

I have been asked numerous times by involved community members, especially parents and guardians, what Children's Hospital Colorado response should be to HealthOne Presbyterian/St.Luke’s Hospital’s announced plans to build a new pediatric facility in Denver. My initial response is that I am not surprised by their decision. Instead I am disappointed.

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