Our Goal? To Be the World’s Best Pediatric Hospital

Stephen R. Daniels, MD, PhD

L. Joseph Butterfield Chair in Pediatrics
Children's Hospital Colorado

Professor and Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine

As chief pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Daniels has a big role in shaping the future of Children's Hospital Colorado. Tenacious in his pursuit of knowledge and a trailblazer in his approach to pediatric medicine, Dr. Daniels' hope is that Children's Hospital Colorado will become the best pediatric hospital in the world. That's a lofty goal, but one Dr. Daniels feels we are uniquely positioned to achieve. And, he is already hard at work improving our world-class, world-renowned clinical programs.

What sets us apart? Our people, our facility, our campus

First, it's the caliber of professionals who practice here. "We have the best and brightest people focused on providing great service to our patients, their families and referring physicians," said Dr. Daniels.

We also have an incredible new facility, built from the ground up with a focus on how practicing medicine will change in the future. Every detail is state-of-the-art, and it's already changing how we practice medicine here. For example The Heart Institute provides every service needed for infants, children and adolescent patients, all in one place.

Add to that the location of our new facility. "We're now at the heart of the new medical campus that includes a medical school, several hospitals and is home to hundreds of important research studies," said Dr. Daniels. Coordinated care and increased collaboration will improve outcomes, advance research and change how we do what we do.

An example of coordinated care in practice

As a leading medical expert in the area of preventive cardiology, Dr. Daniels has a longtime interest in the application of sophisticated epidemiologic and biostatistical methods to pediatric clinical research problems. His work has mainly focused on better understanding the causes of high blood pressure and cholesterol abnormalities in children and adolescents; particularly the role obesity may play in these health issues.

Having already pioneered successful treatment programs for childhood obesity and related illnesses that serve as the national model, Dr. Daniels is now hard at work creating a preventive approach to this problem. "When grandma has a heart-attack today, that means something for mom. I think we need to look further down the line, at the grandkids. Are there genetic or environmental risk factors we should address?"

"Our new campus allows the coordinated treatment of entire families with specific risk factors. Right now we're working on a model where this would be seamless. We'll work across the entire family to take a preventive approach, and perhaps lower the long-term risk of heart attack or stroke in the grandchild," said Dr. Daniels.

A clear path to excellence

Dr. Daniels earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago in 1977 and his masters in public health from Harvard University in 1979. He completed his residency in pediatrics and his fellowship in pediatric cardiology at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in 1981 and 1984 respectively.

In 1989 he received his doctorate in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina. He joined Children's Hospital Colorado in 2006 with his goals already in mind: to foster the development of strong research and bring it forward into practice, improving the care available for kids everywhere.