Children's Treats the Whole Child, Not Just the Illness

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we treat the entire child, not just a child's illness. We strive to get kids involved in activities in and out of the hospital that connect them with other children going through the same thing. Our programs - such as Hospital Sports Program - help kids' confidence and encourage patients to make goals, while looking to the future.

It can be tough for kids with serious illnesses or conditions to relate to their friends at school, but when they are at Children's they are surrounded by other kids going through the same things they are. They can talk, laugh and just "hang out" - feeling comforted by the company of others who know what they're going through.

Our experts spend all their time treating children; so they know how to communicate with kids and understand their special needs.

Watch as the following patients and their families talk about their experience at Children's and what makes us different from other hospitals.