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Children's Tackles Childhood Obesity with SHAPEDOWN

The SHAPEDOWN Program at Children's Hospital Colorado helps families reprogram their lifestyles in order to live happier and healthier lives. About 200 children are referred by their pediatricians every year to attend the SHAPEDOWN clinic, which has a non-diet approach to weight management. The educational goals of SHAPEDOWN are to help families become less food-focused, find more active, social and life-enriching pursuits, and increase self-esteem and sense of responsibility.

"The concerns are for a child's emotional health, such as weight-teasing and discrimination, and for physical health, including high blood pressure, high blood fats, pre-diabetes, difficulty breathing during sleep, orthopedic problems, and many other medical issues," Marilyn Day, who runs SHAPEDOWN, told Reuters.

Areli Villanueva, mother of SHAPEDOWN patient, Fernanda, told Reuters that "Fernanda is more confident and now takes more pride in her appearance. She wants to be active and go outside to play and exercise."

Another parent said their son has not only lost weight, but his mood has improved dramatically.

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