Dance + Kids = Healthy Children

There are many ways parents can help their children stay active, one easy solution is to sign them up for a dance class.

Experts have pointed to research over the years that clearly shows that physical activity is a key component to keeping children healthy, it can also help future obstacles such as obesity and health problems.

Dr. Matt Haemer, medical director of the GoodLIFE clinic at Children’s Colorado, says a sharp drop in the amount of physical activity at school combined with an increase in screen time for video games and television has resulted in more cases of obesity in the last 20 years. Parents have a big role in helping set lifestyle standards.

Haemer says the No. 1 activity for preschool-age kids, in particular, is play, and the most important thing parents should ask themselves is: Does the child like it? A dance class can be a part of a whole package of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

“Dance can be a wonderful way for kids to experience different kinds of movements and gain confidence in them and take them to other athletic ventures,” Haemer said.

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