Prudence Mabhena's Amazing Journey Touches Denverites' Hearts

Prudence Mabhena

Prudence Mabhena is an inspiration to others. In fact, she is the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary called "Music by Prudence," which showcases Prudence's singing talent while documenting her life struggles.

Prudence was born with a genetic disorder called arthrogryposis that twisted her limbs and denied her the ability to walk. In January, the 24-year-old traveled from her home in Zimbabwe to Denver where she received back and hip surgeries at Children's Hospital Colorado that have enabled her to sit up better in her wheelchair.

"Her way to interact with the world is to sit, because she can't walk. She can move her shoulders a bit. Not her elbows. Her hips don't move at all," said Mark Erickson, MD, who performed Prudence's surgeries. "Our goal was to get her positioned so her pelvis is level, so her spine comes up as straight as possible. So she can be more up, rather than leaning over to the side all day long."

While Prudence has been in Denver she has touched many lives -- as a result Denver has showed her much generosity.

"It is so surprising to find someone who gives his or her love to a stranger who lives 20,000 miles away, on the other side of the world," said Mabhena, in the hotel suite in south Denver where she has lived, without charge, since she arrived. "I didn't believe I would get to a place where people have such full love and care."

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