Burn Camp Family Gives Thanks to Firefighters and Children's Colorado Staff

Juan Alvarado and his family spent two months at Children's Hospital Colorado after a fire ripped through their home last September.

Thanks to the Burn Camp at Children's Colorado, Juan, his 15-year-old sister, Diana and their mother, Pat, were able to meet and cope with other families who have gone through the same thing.

A time to give back

"We were doing an activity where they tell their burn story and say something they are grateful for," Occupational Therapist and Burn Camp Director, Trudy Boulter said. "Juan said, 'I am happy I get to move home. We won't have carpet for a long time, but I'm going to have a bedroom.' I thought 'oh my goodness, here's this family that's been homeless for a year.' I was kind of shocked that was a part of his life I didn't know about and I had taken care of him [for months]."

After hearing Juan's story, Boulter was determined to continue taking care of his family after they left the hospital and contacted the Denver firefighters, who helped them move back into their home--just in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Watch why Juan's family is thankful for the Burn Camp and Denver firefighters:

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