How to Burn Calories by Playing in the Snow

play outdoors winter

It's that time of year again -- many people have found themselves at home with their families and friends, surrounded by tasty treats and indulgent dinners and are now trying to find ways to trim down after all of the holiday meals and yummy food. Playing with the kids and having fun as a family can burn more calories than you might imagine. No gym membership required, and it doesn't even feel like exercise!

Here are some estimated figures of the calories you could burn doing fun winter activities:

  • Cross-Country Skiing: ~ 440 cal/hour
  • Ice Hockey: ~ 440 cal/hour
  • Snow shoeing: ~ 385 cal/hour
  • Ice Skating: ~ 330 cal/hour
  • Sledding: ~ 330 cal/hour
  • Having a snowball fight: ~ 315 cal/hour
  • Building a snowman: ~ 280 cal/hour
  • Skiing/snowboarding: ~ 275 cal/hour
  • Shoveling snow: ~ 275 cal/hour
  • Making snow angels: ~ 210 cal/hour

Let's get outside, get moving, and have fun!