Kohl’s Donates $282,000 to Children’s Hospital Colorado for the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Campaign

Kohl's Department Stores presented a donation of $282,868 to Children’s Hospital Colorado on Nov. 12, 2013. The donations were collected from Kohl’s stores located throughout Colorado.

This donation will provide funding for the Kohl’s Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Campaign, which was launched in 2006 as a partnership between Kohl’s, Children’s Colorado and The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect.  Kohl’s has gifted more than $4 million to Children’s Colorado since 2000.

Free resources for parents and caregivers

This comprehensive campaign includes the website www.calmacryingbaby.org, which contains both online and downloadable resources to educate caregivers about infant crying and how to cope in both English and Spanish.

What is shaken baby syndrome?

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a serious type of head injury that occurs when an infant or toddler is severely or violently shaken. It’s the leading cause of death among child abuse cases in the United States. Child abuse is the leading cause of trauma deaths at Children’s Colorado, with the majority of these cases exhibiting signs of head trauma associated with shaking. Most recent data shows that Children’s Colorado, a Level 1 pediatric trauma center, admits the majority all inpatient child abuse traumas in Colorado.

Tragically, more children admitted through our Level 1 Trauma Center die from child abuse than from motor vehicle accidents or falls,” said Andrew Sirotnak, M.D., director of the child protection team, department head of child abuse and neglect for Children’s Hospital Colorado and professor of pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine. “Shaking a baby can cause permanent brain damage, blindness, hearing loss, seizure disorders, paralysis and even death.” 

Preparing new parents for crying babies

"Research has shown that crying in infancy that is unresponsive to soothing is the most common frustration that leads to caregivers shaking an infant. Preparing new parents for the frustrations of unresponsive crying that frequently occurs between 6 weeks and 4 months of age has been shown to help parents cope and reduce harm to children,” said Des Runyan, director of the Kempe Center. “This Kohl’s gift is critical to our efforts to prepare new parents to give their children a healthy start in life."