Private Patient Rooms


One of the most appreciated aspects of Children's Hospital Colorado is private patient rooms. Almost all rooms are private and can accommodate a child and two parents overnight. Having both parents nearby helps reduce your child's (and your) anxiety during their hospital stay. These spacious, comfortable rooms allow your family more privacy and help speed recovery. Visit our virtual tour for more photos and information.


Each room features extra-deep, custom fold out sofa beds that accommodate two people. The built-in beds have ample storage below and behind the sofa back to provide plenty of room for personal items. Adjacent end tables also provide additional storage.

Parents will find a built in desk for computer use, a tack board for personalizing your room with photos and cards, a colorful wardrobe cabinet and lockable storage. Each room includes a private bathroom with tub and shower and storage for toiletries.


Every room has its own large, plasma screen TV which provides access to On-Demand movies, video games, the internet and, of course, cable television.

Mountain Views

Bathed in natural light, you will feel connected to the healing power of our beautiful Colorado environment. We hope these extra amenities will help your child heal quickly and help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your visit.