Prepare for Your Visit to Children's Hospital Colorado

Prepare for Your Visit

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we want to make sure your visit is as easy as possible and that you know what to expect. The information in this section will help you prepare for the type of appointment you have scheduled. 

Be sure to visit other pages in About Your Visit to learn general tips, services available at the hospital, where to park, information about your bill or medical record, and other important information.

Doctor Appointment or Clinic Visit

Includes information on:

  • How to prepare for your appointment
  • Information to prepare and bring to your appointment

Overnight Stay or Inpatient Visit

Includes information on:

  • How to pack for your stay at the hospital
  • Pre-registering and organizing your child's health history
  • What to expect when you arrive for your stay and during your stay
  • About going home after your visit

Operation or Surgery

Includes information on:

  • Preparing your child for his operation
  • How to involve brothers and sisters
  • Children's Hospital Colorado Surgery Tour to help you know what to expect
  • Information about anesthesia and giving blood
  • About your scheduled appointment
  • What to expect before, during and after surgery