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Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Treatments

Programs & Treatments

How is adult congenital heart disease treated?

To provide the best possible treatment for our patients, we developed the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program, an integrated program between the Heart Institute at Children's Hospital Colorado and the Cardiac and Vascular Center at University of Colorado Hospital.

We have both pediatric and adult cardiologists, specifically trained to manage this population of patients. These doctors work side by side to get a full picture of what happened to the heart in development that led to a patient's heart defect, and how it was or should be treated. We are experts at monitoring our patients so that they can maintain healthy hearts for decades after their initial treatment.

What to expect from treatment

Depending on the services needed, your care can take place at either Children's Hospital Colorado or University Hospital. We also help young patients make the transition into adult care, and we help women with congenital heart defects manage their pregnancies.

Our specially trained electrophysiologists work with heart rhythm issues that are particular to adults with congenital defects. Some congenital heart defects only require monitoring. Others may require a heart catheterization procedure, and heart surgery may be recommended for severe cases.

There also may be special precautions you need to take, such as activity restrictions or antibiotics before dental procedures. Every case is different, and your cardiologist will provide you with personalized treatment and lifestyle recommendations.

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