Brain Tumors: How We Treat

How is a brain tumor treated?

Brain Tumors at Children's Hospital Colorado

Treatment will depend on the kind of tumor and how aggressively it behaves. Some brain tumors only need to be followed by routine MRIs. Other brain tumors that are growing in a sensitive part of the brain or spine will need to be removed during surgery. Other types of tumors will need radiation, chemotherapy or genetic or immunotherapy.

Care for more than just kids: We treat young adults, too

Because brain tumors in young adults are usually caused from faulty cells that form during childhood, our pediatric experts also specialize in treating and curing tumors in young adults into their 20s.

Why choose Children's Hospital Colorado for your child's brain tumor?

Our Neuro-Oncology Program is the only clinic in the surrounding eight states where your child can get state-of-the-art treatment for a pediatric brain tumor. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are known internationally for their expertise in diagnosing, treating and caring for kids and young adults with brain tumors.

Finally, we have the only dedicated pediatric radiation oncologist in the region, which means his sole focus is radiation therapy for kids with cancer. Our radiation therapy is planned and administered for the sensitive nature of a child's growing brain. Because your child's brain is still developing, it is important that the radiation doctor knows exactly what, where and how much radiation to deliver to the tumor.

In addition, doctors and nurses who specialize in anesthesia will take care of your child during radiation.  You can feel comfortable knowing that our pediatric staff will sedate your child to help him or her sleep and lie still so the radiation goes to exactly to the right spot.

Learn about top-ranked treatment at our Neuro-Oncology Program.

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