Cardiomyopathy: Signs and Symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of cardiomyopathy?

Because this disease varies from child to child, the signs of cardiomyopathy can be hard to predict. Children with cardiomyopathy may have swelling of the extremities or around the eyes. This happens when body fluids build up because the heart is not pumping hard enough or because the heart is stiff, making it difficult for blood to return from the body or lungs to the heart.

Infants may breathe heavily and rapidly while feeding, sweat excessively (especially when feeding), have a poor appetite and gain weight slowly. Older children may become out of breath easily, have decreased exercise endurance, or have abdominal pain or chest pain. Coughing, fainting, easy fatiguability, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate or pale appearance may also occur.

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