How We Treat

How is failure to thrive treated?

The most important treatment for failure to thrive is to quickly re-establish normal weight gain. Providers in the Digestive Health Institute work hand-in-hand with experienced registered dietitians, who create nutritional plans that provide the energy a child requires. There are a variety of available nutritional supplements that can complement a normal diet and provide a concentrated source of calories.

In a child who struggles to eat, feeding therapists may be very helpful to establish normal behaviors for feeding. If there is an underlying disease that impacts feeding, digestion, or absorption, treatment of that problem can help restore normal weight gain. In some children, particularly those with chronic medical problems, supplemental tube feedings are required.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s failure to thrive?

The pediatric gastroenterologists and advanced practice providers in the Digestive Health Institute are focused on the importance of normal growth for children. At Children’s Colorado, there is an emphasis on collaboration; your child will benefit from the breadth of available knowledge and expertise, including nutritional support, feeding support, and a full range of laboratory, radiologic and endoscopic techniques.

Children’s Colorado takes pride in working closely with our referring primary care providers to ensure that children receive exemplary care here and in your medical home.