Lactose Intolerance: How We Treat

How is lactose intolerance treated?

Lactose intolerance is a condition diagnosed and treated in the general pediatric gastroenterology clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The principal treatment for lactose intolerance is to avoid excessive dairy in the diet. There are a variety of different lactose-free milk options, including products that are made from soy. Lactaid™ is an oral medication that can be taken with dairy to aid in digestion of lactose.

Why choose Children’s Colorado for your child’s lactose intolerance?

Pediatric gastroenterologists at the Children’s Colorado Digestive Health Institute have a full range of diagnostic tools for the precise detection of lactose intolerance. Our experienced registered dietitians work closely with the Digestive Health Institute providers to ensure that children with lactose intolerance achieve a full, balanced diet that promotes normal growth and development.