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Neurometabolic Disorder: Overview

What is a neurometabolic disorder?

Children's Hospital Colorado treats patients with NeuroMetabolic Disorders
Neurometabolic disorders are genetic disorders that disrupt how the body uses or produces energy from food. When this happens, there may be too much of some chemicals (energy from food) or too little of others that are needed to stay healthy.

Neurometabolic disorders may result in uncontrollable epilepsy, abnormal movements or loss of developmental milestones.

What causes a neurometabolic disorder?

Neurometabolic disorders are caused by genetic mutations, which are changes in the genetic code. These defects may be inherited from unaffected parents or may be the result of a new change in a child’s genes.

Who gets a neurometabolic disorder?

Neurometabolic disorders affect all ages, races and sexes. Symptoms of these conditions typically appear very early in life.

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