Pediatric Vulvovaginitis: Overview

What is pediatric vulvovaginitis?

Vulvovaginitis is a condition that causes irritation (such as itching or redness) and/or discharge in the area of the vulva and/or the vagina.

What causes pediatric vulvovaginitis?

There can be many causes of pediatric vulvovaginitis. Girls are more susceptible to skin irritation because their hormone levels are much lower than adults’. This means the vulvar and vaginal skin is very thin and sensitive.

Common causes of pediatric vulvovagintis are allergic reaction, contact dermatitis and certain types of bacteria. There are also other causes and sometimes several different causes at once.

Who gets pediatric vulvovaginitis?

Pediatric vulvovaginitis can occur in females of any age, including newborns, toddlers and children. It’s a condition that occurs in girls who are pre-menarchal, which means they have not yet had a menstrual period.

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