Tethered Spinal Cord: How We Treat

How is spinal cord tethering treated?

Most cases of spinal cord tethering are treated with surgery. The surgery may be relatively straightforward with minimal risk, or may be more involved depending on your child’s type of spinal tether.

Some cases of very minor tethering in a child without symptoms can be monitored without surgery. This is a decision that our practitioners counsel parents about regularly.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s tethered spinal cord?

Children’s Colorado has the only neurosurgeons in the state dedicated exclusively to pediatric neurosurgery. We have the largest practice and the greatest experience in tethered spinal cord surgery in the surrounding seven-state region.

Surgeons at Children’s Colorado also use the latest technology to achieve the best outcomes. This includes technologies like the surgical microscope, operative laser and neurological monitoring.

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