Tracheomalacia: How We Treat

How is tracheomalacia treated?

Tracheomalacia is treated in the Breathing Institute

Tracheomalacia often improves on its own as babies get older and their bodies continue to develop. The condition is entirely gone by the time most children turn 3 years old. Humidified air and careful feedings are typically enough to relieve symptoms.

Severe tracheomalacia requires aggressive lung treatments to clear mucus and treat infection. These treatments should be overseen by a pediatric pulmonologist. In rare cases, surgery may be needed to correct tracheomalacia.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s tracheomalacia?

The Aerodigestive Program at Children's Hospital Colorado is the only one of its kind in the Western United States. The team is dedicated to the comprehensive and multidisciplinary management of children with complex airway and digestive tract disorders. We treat only children all day, everyday – making us experts when it comes to caring for kids.

Our patients' families are considered essential members of the health care team and are encouraged to participate in planning the patient’s treatment course. This family-centered care approach allows for greater efficiency in scheduling visits and procedures. In addition, family-centered care provides the opportunity for enhanced patient and family education, which can help improve our patients’ overall experience and outcomes.