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Ureterocele: Tests and Diagnosis

What tests are used to diagnose ureterocele?

A ureterocele can often be diagnosed pre-birth by a prenatal ultrasound; however, it may not be identified until the child has a urinary tract infection and imaging such as a renal ultrasound or VCUG is performed.

If your child is diagnosed prenatally, you may contact Children's Hospital Colorado Urology Department prior to, or immediately after, your child’s birth. If your child is not diagnosed at birth and has multiple urinary tract infections, contact the Urology Department for further evaluation at the recommendation of your primary care physician.

How do doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado make a diagnosis?

The diagnosis is usually made prenatally and confirmed postnatally with a renal ultrasound scan. Once diagnosed, it is usually necessary to perform a VCUG to look for reflux of urine, which commonly occurs in patients with an ureterocele. In addition, a MAG 3 renogram (a special scan of the kidneys) is needed to evaluate the function in the kidney and how well each part of the kidney is working.