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Snoring: Tests and Diagnosis

What tests are used to diagnose the cause of your child’s snoring?

If a doctor thinks your child has sleep apnea, he or she will recommend a test called a sleep study. The official term for a sleep study is polysomnogram. A sleep study is a procedure that is performed overnight in the Sleep Lab at Children's Hospital Colorado in order to detect any problems in your child’s breathing during sleep. The sleep study records different sleep stages and monitors your child’s heart rate, oxygen level and brain waves during sleep. The studies are not painful to children.

How do providers at Children’s Hospital Colorado make a diagnosis?

If your child does not snore regularly or only snores when he or she has a cold, there is no need to consult a doctor. If your child snores all the time or for an extended period of time after being sick, you should visit a doctor. Based on your child’s symptoms, medical history and a physical exam, the doctor may order more tests, like a sleep study or allergy test, to determine the cause of your child’s snoring.