Digestive Health Institute

Center for Celiac Disease at Children’s Hospital Colorado

About the Center for Celiac Disease at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

We treat Celiac Disease in the Digestive Health Institute

At Children's Hospital Colorado's Center for Celiac Disease, we evaluate and treat children and adolescents with suspected or known celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. In particular, we provide screening and management of children with a family history (genetic risk) of celiac disease, Type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome. Learn more about celiac disease

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for the treatment of celiac disease?

  • Our multidisciplinary approach emphasizes the needs of children and families, at all stages of screening, diagnosing, and managing celiac disease.  
  • Our celiac disease class, led by a skilled dietician, provides resources for starting and living a gluten-free lifestyle.
  • Current research at Children’s Colorado involves evaluating potential small molecule inhibitors of HLA-DQ2 and DQ8, the genes involved in celiac disease and associated autoimmune pathogenesis. We are also involved in a multi-center study about the potential development and triggers of celiac disease in children born with a genetic risk. These research efforts help us understand the natural history of this condition, as it evolves from birth.
  • By partnering with advocacy groups, the support system for children and families with celiac disease will grow.  

Conditions we treat

  • Children with suspected celiac disease, or those needing evaluation of gluten intolerance
  • Children with a family history of celiac disease
  • Long-term management of children with known celiac disease
  • Counseling for family members of children with celiac disease

Services offered

  • Autoantibody screening and monitoring of potential complications
  • Genetic testing
  • Education and nutritional counseling resources for a gluten-free diet
  • Possibility of participating in research studies
  • Resources for families with celiac disease, including educational seminars and a growing support system
  • Educational seminars for physicians