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Microtia Multidisciplinary Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado

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Microtia Clinic
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About the Microtia Clinic

The Microtia Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado consists of a team of pediatric specialists who will answer questions about microtia and atresia, including associated symptoms and options for treatment.

The Microtia team includes ear-nose-and-throat surgeons, anaplastologists and pediactric audiologists.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado?

Our multidisciplinary clinic offers patients and their families the unique opportunity to learn different treatment and rehabilitative options for microtia, from a team that supports each individual child with his/her own needs.

Treatment options include leaving the ear natural, completing a four-stage reconstructive rib graft surgery or creating a custom-made prosthetic ear. Hearing aids and assistive technologies are also discussed and can be incorporated into all three treatment options.

What to expect in the Microtia clinic

Microtia Multidisciplinary Clinic is applicable for children from birth to age twenty-one. We encourage families to come to the clinic with a new patient (regardless of age) to obtain information and ideas, meet with other children and their families and learn about ear and hearing options. We recommend that children and their families return to the clinic every one or two years to learn about new research, networking opportunities and support children with microtia as they mature and begin to make personal decisions about their ears and hearing. Families can anticipate discussing the individual needs and desires of their child with microtia and how to support each child in his/her choices.