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Genetics & Inherited Metabolic Diseases at Children's Hospital Colorado

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Genetics at Anschutz Medical Campus
(303) 724-2370
(720) 777-7322


Children's Hospital Colorado's Clinical Genetics and Inherited Metabolic Diseases Program provides diagnosis and genetic counseling for children with known or suspected inherited diseases. We evaluate, diagnose and help treat children and families affected by sporadic and inherited genetic disorders, birth defects, or developmental delays. Learn why kids need Children's Hospital Colorado.

Clinical services and programs

  • Clinics:
  • An extensive schedule of regional clinics across Colorado and Wyoming
  • In-patient consultations for critically ill infants on-site at metro Denver hospitals
  • Research leading to early detection and improved management of genetic disorders and predispositions
  • Consultation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Family counseling
  • Information available for health professionals, families, patients and others regarding genetic disorders
  • Laboratory services including biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics