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About the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central

Children's Hospital Colorado provides expertise, compassion and support to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your newborn, you and your family.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central uses a multidisciplinary team approach to care for critically ill infants. We have 56 beds for critically ill newborns and babies born prematurely. We are the only Level IIIb NICU in southern Colorado.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central?

We are committed to providing family-centered care. The best outcome for your child will be achieved by families and healthcare professionals working together as partners. In this relationship, each partner values communication, accountability, respect and a supportive environment. Parents participate in daily rounds with the medical team, and are important members of each baby’s care team.

Our NICU is designed to provide a supportive setting, so you can be by your new baby’s side 24 hours a day. We also encourage siblings and family members to visit.

Our team members will work to answer your questions, incorporate your needs, and address your concerns in order to provide the best plan of care. 

The staff in the NICU includes a diverse and highly experienced group of professionals.

  • Our 7 board-certified neonatologists are recognized leaders in neonatal care. They are present in the NICU 24 hours a day to care for your child.
  • We have 14 neonatal nurse practitioners and more than 150 neonatal nurses, who specialize in caring for your special newborn.
  • Dedicated NICU support services include a neonatal pharmacist, nutritionists, social workers, case managers and occupational, speech and physical therapists.

Specific conditions treated:

Services offered at Children's Hospital Colorado NICU at Memorial Hospital Central

We provide the highest level of neonatal care, with all available therapies onsite.

Brain cooling for perinatal brain injury – We provide this important therapy to improve neurologic outcomes for babies born with brain injuries.

Sophisticated approach to severe respiratory failure – Experienced physicians with special expertise in complex ventilator management, including High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation and Inhaled Nitric Oxide.

Neonatal surgical team – A multidisciplinary team including Pediatric Surgeons and Neonatologists works together to provide care to infants with complex surgical needs utilizing the latest in surgical and ICU care.  

Specialized neonatal critical care transport team (in partnership with University of Colorado Health and Memorial Star Transport).

Lactation services for new, breastfeeding mothers.

On-site pediatric subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists – Our neonatal team partners with our experienced experts in virtually every pediatric and surgical sub-specialty, who are available on-site to provide care for any neonatal problem. This includes several multidisciplinary specialty teams that work within the NICU.