Talking With Technology Camp 2015


July 19, 201512:30pm


July 24, 20151:00pm


Talking With Technology Camp will celebrate its 29th anniversary this summer at the Colorado Easter Seal Society's Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, Colorado. View directions to the camp here.
This one-week, intensive program was developed by The Children's Hospital for children who use augmentative and alternative communication devices as their primary means of expressive communication.

2015 camp dates are July 18-24th for adult trainers and July 19-24th for children (and PCAs).

Read the 2015 camp welcome letter.
Read the 2015 camp timelines & checklists for adults.
Read the 2015 camp timelines & checklists for campers and siblings.  
Please print for future reference.

Application Forms and Deadlines

Please send completed forms to:

Felicia Hardney
Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, Box 030-ASL
Aurora, CO 80045

Or email:
Or fax: Attention Felicia Hardney (720) 777-7169


The application deadline is March 27th, 2015. Please submit the following:
Child Application Form.
Scottish Rite Foundation Financial Assistance Form (Colorado residents only).
Rocky Mountain Village Summer Camp Application.
$80 Non-refundable application fee


Acceptance of siblings is dependent upon camper acceptance and space availability. Families will be notified if siblings are accepted.
The application deadline is March 27th, 2015. Please submit the following:
Sibling Application Form.
Rocky Mountain Village Summer Camp Application. (Many of the items on this form do not apply to the siblings because it was designed for campers. However, the application must be completed, as appropriate, including the Medical Form. )

Adult Trainers

The application deadline for priority acceptance is March 27th, 2015. Applications received after that date will be considered on a space-available basis. Please submit the following:
Adult Application Form (5 pages).
$80 Non-refundable application fee

Costs and Funding Options

All fees for Talking With Technology Camp must be received by May 29th, 2015. Applicants will be notified by that date if financial assistance is available.
Application Fee: $80 Non-refundable
An application fee is charged to all participants and is not applied toward the camper’s fees. Only one application fee is charged to a family and covers the camper, sibling and/or Personal Care Attendants attending.
Please make checks payable to Children's Hospital Colorado.

Camper Fee: $2,378.20 [$1,628.20 program fee- (therapy costs) + $750.00 camp fee - (room, board and counselors)].

Thanks to the generosity of The Scottish Rite Foundation, financial assistance is available for camper fees. This includes all fees (other than the application fee) for room, board and activities as well as the therapy fees associated with this program. No fees will be billed to insurance/Medicaid.
For this reason, all camper applicants must complete a Scottish Rite application and provide the necessary documentation and verification of income, unless they wish to pay the entire fee privately.

Unfortunately, Scottish Rite assistance is available only to children from Colorado. Children applying from out-of-state will need to pay the full camper fee. However, we know of many children from outside of Colorado whose school districts and other disability organizations have provided financial assistance for participation in this program.

Sibling Fee: $545.00

This camp fee covers room, board, activities, etc., at camp for the camper's brother or sister.  The application fee for the siblings is included in the camper's application fee, so no additional application fee is needed.

Thanks to the generosity of the Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation, scholarship assistance is available for sibling participation.  This includes all fees for room, board and activities. Please advise us if you wish to pay the entire fee privately.

Adult Trainer Fees

All adults stay at camp in a separate cabin from the campers.  
Trainer Fees: $440.00 (includes $80 Non-refundable application fee)

This camp fee covers room and board for trainers throughout the week.  It also covers all training material fees. Usually 1-3 hours of university credit is available at an additional fee of approximately $70/hour, to be paid at camp by check or credit card (no cash).

Personal Care Attendant (PCA): $78.00 per day. This camp fee covers room and board at camp.  These attendants stay in the cabin with the camper. No application fee is needed.


For questions about TWT Camp please contact: Christy Schneller at (720) 777-3613
You may also email at:

Click here for general information about Talking With Technology Camp.