Library of Video Resources About Healthcare in Colorado

Featured video: How to advocate for kids

Did you know that 170,000 Colorado children do not have basic health care, putting our state near the bottom? Watch this interview with Deb Federspiel, director of the Children's Health Advocacy Institute, and Children's Hospital Colorado's lobbyist Sara Odendahl to learn more about what Children's Colorado is doing to advocate for our children and how you can get involved.

Additional videos for parents and families

Learn more about Speak Up for Kids by visiting Children's Colorado YouTube channel which features a playlist of 20 videos about child advocacy, legislature and health care in Colorado.

Video: Health services (en Español): Servicios de Salud

To learn about one way Children's Hospital Colorado is working to address the problem of basic access to health care, watch this Univision interview (en Español). Sam Murillo from Family Voices Colorado provides resources and navigation assistance to the patients and families at our hospital.