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It's Easy to Make a Difference!

Legislators love to hear about issues that matter to their constituents. They deal with hundreds of proposed pieces of legislation a year, and can't be expected to know that a proposed law is important to you unless you tell them. If you're signed up for Children's Hospital Colorado Grassroots Advocacy Network, you'll be alerted when bills with the potential to affect the health and well being of children are under consideration. Here are some quick and easy tips to use when contacting your legislators about potential legislation.

When Contacting Legislators by Phone:

  • Identify yourself by name and home address.
  • Identify the bill you wish to talk about, by name and number if possible.
  • Briefly state your position and how you wish your legislator to vote.
  • Ask for your legislator's stance on the bill or issue. Ask for a commitment to vote for your position, but don't argue if the legislator has an opposing view or is not yet decided.
  • If your legislator needs additional information, call a supporting organization to get the information and get it to your legislator as soon as possible.
  • Recognize that legislators are often away from the office, on the floor or in committee, so you may get an aide or be asked to leave a voice mail message. That's great. Use the same basic rules. If you'd rather leave a message than talk to a live body, call in the evening.

When Contacting a Legislator by Letter, Fax or Email:

  • Make clear your position and exactly what you want your legislator to do.
  • Personalize your communication by telling how the legislation will affect you and others you know in your own words. Write briefly, on one subject at a time, and refer to bills by name and number.
  • Sign your letter with your name and home address so that your legislator knows if you are a constituent. Also include your phone number.
  • When a legislator votes as you asked, send a thank you note.