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Global Health Lecture Series: Improving Health Equity in Guatemala

Addressing Inequities of Power as a Key Intervention to Improving Health Equity in Guatemala

May 1, 2012

Presented by Walter G Flores, PhD
Director, Center for the Study of Equity and Governance in Health Systems in Guatemala

A history of discrimination, exploitation and 36 years of armed conflict in Guatemala has created unequal power relationships that place rural indigenous population at great disadvantage. Following a human rights framework, a coalition of civil society organizations has been implementing a participatory-action research process aimed to empower rural indigenous citizens to monitor public policies and healthcare services and demand actions to improve resource allocation. In a 5-year implementation period, the approach has had important achievements and it is expanding to new geographical areas and generating social mobilization. This lecture will cover the theoretical and methodological approaches that have supported this innovative work and will provide lesson learned.

*At this time, archived videos are not approved for continuing medical education (CME) credit.