Contagious Comments

From the Department of Epidemiology at Children's Hospital Colorado


  • November-December: Respiratory Season 2013-14
  • October: Influenza Testing and Treatment (.pdf)
  • October: What's New with Flu Vaccine (.pdf)
  • July: Bugs and Drugs (.pdf)
  • April: Vaccine-preventable Diseases in Colorado’s Children (.pdf)
  • February-March: Update on Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis (.pdf)


  • November/December: Respiratory Season 2012-13 (.pdf)
  • October: What's Up with Flu in 2012-13 (.pdf)
  • July: Bugs and Drugs (.pdf)
  • June: Top Ten Questions Regarding International Travel with Children (.pdf)
  • May: Our Top Ten Tick Topics (.pdf)
  • April: Measles and Coxsackie Virus (.pdf)
  • March: Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Colorado's Children 2011 (.pdf)
  • January: The Story of an Outbreak-Norovirus (.pdf)


  • December: Special Edition: Holiday Potlucks (.pdf)
  • Nov-Dec: Respiratory Season (.pdf)
  • October: Influenza (.pdf)
  • September: Bugs and Drugs (.pdf)
  • July: Interactive Water Fountains- A Modern Day Broadstreet Pump (.pdf)
  • June: Clostridium difficile Returns with a Vengeance (.pdf)
  • February: Bronchiolitis 2011: Questions and Answers from the Emergency Department at TCH (.pdf)
  • February: Special Edition: State of the Health of Colorado's Children (.pdf)


  • December: Respiratory Season (.pdf)
  • November: Vaccine Preventable Diseases (.pdf)
  • October: Influenza 2010-11 (.pdf)
  • August: Blood Culture (.pdf)
  • July: Bugs and Drugs (.pdf)
  • April: New Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Licensed (.pdf)
  • March: Bed, Bugs and Beyond (.pdf)
  • January: Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Colorado’s Children, 2009 (.pdf)

Archive of Past Issues


  • December: Respiratory Season (.pdf)
  • September: H1N1 & Seasonal Influenza FAQs (.pdf)
  • July: Bugs and Drugs (.pdf)
  • April: H1N1 (Swine flu) FAQs (.pdf)
  • January: MRSA (.pdf)


  • December: Respiratory Season 2008-2009 (.pdf)
  • October: Influenza 2008-09 (.pdf)
  • July: Bugs & Drugs (.pdf)
  • June: Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Colorado’s Children, 2007 (.pdf)
  • April: Safe Injection Practices: An Important Review (.pdf)
  • February: Hand Hygiene: The How, the Why and the When (.pdf)

*We have archived the Contagious Comments issues for 2004 to 2007. Copies of these issues may be obtained from the Department of Epidemiology, or by calling (720) 777-6072.