Peggy Kelley, MD


Ears Nose & Throat

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Ears Nose Throat


Academic - Associate Professor

Biography & Interests

Clinical Interests

My clinical interests include airway reconstructive surgery for children with or without tracheostomy, ear construction for microtia and other ear anomalies, voice problems such as hoarseness or difficulty being understood, and vascular anomalies such as hemangiomas and lymphatic malformations.

Education & Training

Medical Schools

University of Pittsburgh  - Medicine (1986)


University of Pittsburgh  - Surgery (1987)

Residency Program

University of Rochester  - General Surgery (1988)

Residency Program

University of Rochester  - Otolaryngology (1992)


Cincinnati Children's Hospital  - Pediatric Otolaryngology (1993)

Graduate Schools

Oregon Health Sciences University  - Medicine (1984)

Undergraduate Schools

Stanford University  - Biology (1982)


American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology - member
American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery - member
American College of Surgeons - fellow
American Academy of Pediatrics - specialty fellow
American Medical Association - member
Anerican Academy of Otolaryngolgoy Head and Neck Surgery - member