Non-Employee Research Staff Onboarding Process

To initiate on-boarding, you will need to complete a Request for Non-Employee Staff On-boarding for Research form. When that form is submitted, the researcher will receive an auto-e-mail with directions to contact Lori McCormick at Kelly Services to schedule an orientation meeting.

Additionally, that e-mail will outline all of the tasks that need to be completed prior to that meeting (such as CITI training, HIPS training, health certificate, security user agreement, etc.). Parallel to the researcher’s e-mail, Lori will also receive a notification that there is a request for on-boarding. Upon receipt of the request form, Kelly Services will initiate the HR Express request and Sharepoint data entry.

At the orientation meeting, the Memorandum of Understanding will be signed electronically by the researcher and then submitted to the Principal Investigator for electronic signature. Also at this meeting, the researcher will be provided with their Peoplesoft number, parking instructions (if needed), and training and registration information.  If the researcher has parking through the University, then parking will not be granted in the CHCO parking structures. It will be up to the researcher to register for the classes that are required for their role in the institution.

New to our process is that the MOU will only be valid for a year and will have to be renewed for the researcher to remain at CHCO. If the status of the researcher should change during the approval period, Lori will need to be notified so that the records can be updated as appropriate or the MOU can be modified. Additionally, we will be tracking expiration dates of training certificates.

Researchers will be responsible for providing up-to-date training certificates in order to maintain their status at CHCO. Both the researcher and the Principal Investigator will receive notification of these expirations prior to any action being taken. Be prepared to allow at least 2 weeks for the on-boarding process to be completed.

New! As many of the departments are reimbursing those they are on-boarding for their on-boarding expenses, we are now able to offer another alternative for that payment.

The onboarding department can set up an account with Finance by emailing to provide funding for the individual up front. The card works like a debit card and can be loaded with the amount the department is willing to reimburse towards these expenses.

Children's Hospital Colorado Lab
We have made arrangements with the Lab to now offer the Quantiferon testing as well as providing titers.  The advantage here is timing.  Traditional skin tests take approximately 3 weeks; the Quantiferon testing can be completed in about 48 hours.  These are done by requisition and billed directly to the department.  Departments are to contact Amber Brand in the Lab to obtain a requisition.  If a department is not reimbursing for these expenses, we are not able to offer this service to those individuals at this time.

Tests are run in the Outpatient Lab on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Blood can be drawn M-F from 7 am – 5:30 pm or Saturday 8 am – 12 noon. An appointment is not necessary, but the individual must have a requisition for billing purposes.

  • Quantiferon/TB:  $35
  • Rubella Titer:  $5
  • Mumps Titer:  $10
  • Varicella Titer:  $10

Improved training options

We also have a new option for those individuals being on-board that will need read-only access to Epic.  The training requirements will be an Epic Fundamentals CBT and the research compliance portion of the Epic for Research training.  Both classes are available on HR Express.

For more information

For more on on-boarding, please contact Lori McCormick, Kelly Services, 720-777-1797 or or Kelé Piper, Research Compliance at or 720-777-4512.

Health Certificate

Non-Employee Handbook