How to Calm Yourself

Stay calm when the crying won’t stop

A crying infant can be challenging to handle. Sometimes you can stop the baby from crying, sometimes you can't. Remember that if nothing seems to work to calm the crying infant, it is okay to leave the baby in a safe place (like a crib or infant seat) and take time to calm yourself down. Leave the room. Shut the door. Take a few deep breaths.

Do something to calm your frustration before returning to care for the baby such as: 
  1. Take deep breaths while counting at the same time to slow down the pace of your breathing.
  2. Do a set of 10 push-ups, sit-ups or any other activity in your home. 
  3. Listen to music that calms you down. 
  4. Call a trusted friend or neighbor to chat for a few minutes. 
  5. Have a trusted friend or neighbor come over to watch the baby so you can go outside for a few breaths and take a quick walk around the block.
  6. No matter what, never shake a baby.

Fussy Baby Network® Colorado

All babies cry, but some cry more than others. Fussy Baby Network Colorado is a new program for parents who have concerns about their baby's fussiness during the first year of life. The Fussy Baby team is available to talk by phone via our "Warmline" to listen and to provide support and resources.

877-6-CRYCARE (1-877-627-9227)