Make Your Plan

Having a plan in place can help

No one likes to think about a baby being hurt by an adult caregiver, but it does happen. In fact, Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is one of the leading causes of trauma death in Colorado children under the age of two. Providing alternatives for managing the frustrations you will feel when caring for a crying baby is key to prevention.

One alternative is to make a plan for when an infant cries. We have a plan for many things in our lives; we need to have a plan for what we will do when a baby will not stop crying. Parents, babysitters and caregivers need to plan what they will—and won't—do to deal with a crying child. Parents should also share the dangers of shaking with everyone who cares for their baby.

Just saying "don't shake a baby" is not enough. It's important to make a plan.

Make a plan now (.pdf)