Breast-Feeding Questions

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  • Common questions asked about breastfeeding

Topics Covered

If your baby is healthy, skip the "When to Call Your Doctor" section. Go directly to the topic number that relates to your question for advice:

  1. How often to feed to bring in the milk supply
  2. Length of feedings to bring in the milk supply
  3. Length of feedings after milk supply is in:
  4. Signs of adequate milk supply (Do I have enough milk?)
  5. How to increase milk supply
  6. Supplemental formula
  7. When to introduce a bottle
  8. Extra water
  9. Severe engorgement (generalized swelling and pain) of both breasts
  10. Blocked milk ducts (1 or more tender lumps in the breast)
  11. Sore or cracked nipples
  12. Mother's medicines
  13. Mother's smoking or tobacco use
  14. Mother's diet
  15. Sick infants
  16. Sick mother (with illness)
  17. Normal stools during the first weeks of life
  18. Normal infrequent breast milk stools after 1 month of age
  19. Leaking breast milk
  20. Vitamin D and fluoride for breastfed baby
  21. Storage of pumped milk
  22. Burping
  23. Milk letdown that causes pulling away, coughing or choking
  24. When to Call Your Doctor

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Maya Bunik, M.D., Lisbeth Gabrielski, RN, and Marianne Neifert, M.D., Lactation specialists


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