Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks

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Photo Example

Mongolian Spot on Buttocks
Mongolian Spot on Buttocks
Strawberry Hemangioma on Abdomen
Strawberry Hemangioma on Abdomen

This photo shows a Strawberry Hemangioma on the abdominal wall.

Capillary Hemangioma of Neck and Posterior Scalp
Capillary Hemangioma of Neck and Posterior Scalp

This is a 2 month old infant with a "stork bite" (capillary hemangioma) of the neck and posterior scalp.

Some brief notes about capillary hemangiomas:

  • Flat pink birthmark
  • Present in 50% of newborns
  • Also called salmon patches or stork bites
  • Most fade by 3 years, but 25% persist into adulthood


Strawberry Hemangioma of Forehead
Strawberry Hemangioma of Forehead

This is a three year old child with a strawberry hemangioma of the lower forehead.

Some brief notes about strawberry hemangioma:

  • Raised red birthmark
  • Often increases in size for first 1-2 years of life
  • Then start to shrink down without any treatment
  • Turns grayish when it shrinks down, as in this 3 year old child
  • Usually flat and gone by 8 years old or sooner



Erythema Toxicum
Erythema Toxicum

Over 50 percent of babies get this rash around the second or third day of life.

The rash is composed of ½ inch to 1 inch red blotches with a small white or yellow lump in the center. The red blotches can be numerous and can occur anywhere on the body (except the palms and soles). They can look qute terrible.

The cause of erythema toxicum is unknown. However, it is harmless the rash goes away by 2 weeks of age.


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