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Everyone Skis Except Me. What Should I Do?

It’s morning in the mountains and your friends are talking about the “epic snow” and “gnarly powder” and “sick trees” they are about to experience. You don’t understand what “gnarly powder” means; you’ve never even been on skis or a snowboard. (Or maybe you’re injured or don’t want to buy a lift ticket). So now you’re stuck in the mountains while your friends hit the slopes.You could sit in front of the TV all day, or you could come back with stories of your own. 

Here are some ways to create your own mountain memories:

Learn to snowshoe.

If skiing or boarding scares you, snowshoeing is an excellent alternative. It’s like hiking, but immerses you in the snow (and burns many calories). You can rent snowshoes from stores like REI or Sports Authority if you don’t want to buy them. Check out a hiking trail or make your own tracks through a field of fresh snow. If you are going in the woods or a place with few people, be sure to take someone with you.

Go ice skating.

Many ski towns have ice rinks too. Rent some skates and take some spins.

Try skijoring.

This is another form of skiing, except your dog pulls you across the snow on cross-country skis. Learn more.

Go sledding.

Find your own sled and hill or check the ski resort’s web page – many resorts have sled parks.

Make a healthy meal for your friends.

Try cooking something new and/or exotic that keeps you busy and engaged most of the day. Walk to the local grocery store to buy ingredients. Your friends will (should) appreciate your food after a long day in the cold.

Get behind the camera.

Walk to town and/or the mountain and bring your camera to take pictures or videos. Look for interesting angles and exciting action shots. Tap into your creative mind and turn your footage into an art project.

Take your own historical walking tour.

Many mountain towns have a rich history. Learn about the town online or at the library, locate points of interest, create your own walking map, and then visit them.

Go snowmobiling.

Although this doesn’t entail exercise, it is a way to get out of the house. Many ski resorts offer daylong excursions to interesting locales; check their websites for more details.