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We treat more and heal more kids than anyone else in the region. And with the best care for all conditions – from the common to the complex – there's no other choice when it comes to your child.

Pediatric expertise

Our specialists have devoted their careers to treating kids and only kids.

Kid and family-focused care

We treat the whole child and their family, not just the illness.

Multidisciplinary care

We come together to provide complete, convenient care for each child.

Patient stories

Where pediatric expertise, family-focused care and multidisciplinary care come together

Markus' story: There's no running from cancer. Thankfully, there is running after.

A bump on Markus' knee was more than just a sign of 12-year-old boyhood. It was cancer. And with it came a question: Would he ever run again? Markus had the fight in him. And only we had the team of experts to back him up.

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By the age of 3, Hunter's spinal condition had dramatically deteriorated. His spine curved at a 90-degree angle, which compressed his spinal cord. Without a highly complex surgery, he'd be paralyzed for life. By using an innovative 3D technology, our multidisciplinary team of experts from orthopedics and neurology worked together, to rebuild a spine as strong as Hunter's spirit.

The number one

July 2015

A 90-degree curve in Hunter’s spine threatened lifelong paralysis. The only way he’d walk again is by undergoing a complex spinal surgery.

The number two

January 2017

Due to the risk of operating on a spine as small as Hunter's, we practiced on an exact replica that was created using 3D technology.

The number three

February 2017

Thanks to this innovative approach, Hunter had surgery to help him regain the use of his legs.

The number four

February 2017

Hunter got to go home with his parents just five days after spinal surgery.

The number five

March 2017

Hunter began physical therapy to rebuild his strength. By June, he could walk, run and even jump on his own.

The number six

September 2017

Hunter started preschool right on time with all his friends. He loves Transformers and studying the human skeleton.

We'd like to express gratitude to Mighty Oak Medical for providing the FIREFLY 3D printing technology that was instrumental in making Hunter's surgery a success.

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Shortly after birth, Juniper was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease that was weakening and enlarging the two lower chambers of her heart. It would be fatal if not treated quickly. The generosity of another family and the expertise of our cardiology team changed Juniper's life forever.

The number one

February 2014

At two weeks, Juniper was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. She would need a heart transplant to survive.

The number two

April 2014

Juniper became our youngest and smallest recipient of the Berlin Heart that would perform the work of her sick heart while she waited for a donor.

The number three

September 2014

Juniper received a heart transplant. Her parents took her home just eight days later.

The number four

February 2015

Juniper celebrated her first birthday, surrounded by her care team of nurses, doctors and others who cared for her.

The number five

September 2016

Juniper's mom, Joni, graduated from nursing school. Two months later, she started working at Children’s Colorado, the very hospital that saved her daughter’s life.

The number six

February 2018

Juniper celebrated her fourth birthday with a Peppa Pig bacon-themed party, surrounded by family and friends.

A very special donor is at the center of every transplant story. To all those who have given the gift of life, thank you.

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Pediatric expertise

We're the only hospital in Colorado that treats kids and only kids

Because we see more children than any hospital in the region, our unparalleled experience leads to outcomes among the best in the country. And because our research shapes the future of innovative treatments, we provide care years before it's available anywhere else.


ONLY Nationally-ranked children's hospital in Colorado
$135M+ Grant-funded child health research in 2017



Kids aren't just small adults

Growing bodies require special care, equipment and understanding.

Our specialists know what makes kids’ bodies different, but they also know how to engage kids, get them involved and get to the root of the problem.

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Kid and family-focused care

We've built our entire hospital around kids

We know kids need to play, learn and connect – even when they're sick. That's why we offer dozens of amenities to help them do just that.

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Multidisciplinary care

It's not what our specialists do alone that really counts.
It's what they do as a team.

We understand that time is of the essence when your little one is sick. Instead of numerous appointments with different specialists, your child sees all our experts at one appointment. With your guidance, our team collaborates to provide the best care possible, leading to better communication and better outcomes.

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10x Faster to see all specialists in one visit
LARGEST Multidisciplinary space of its kind in the country
3,400+ Pediatric specialists dedicated to caring for kids