Children's Hospital Colorado

Meet Elbert, the Mascot of Children's Colorado

Elbert is a very happy brown bear who is named after the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, Mount Elbert. He's the official mascot of both Children's Colorado and the Denver Zoo.

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Elbert, the Children's Hospital Colorado mascot, is a big brown bear standing near the entrance to Explore the Shore.

Name: Elbert
Birthplace: Colorado Rocky Mountains
Occupation: Mascot for Denver Zoo and Children’s Hospital Colorado
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 300 lbs
Physical attributes: Soft brown fur, bright smile and heart shaped patch of fur
Favorite foods: Fish, Fruits, and Vegetables

Hobbies: Dancing, bicycle riding, fishing, hiking, skiing, exploring and many more
Favorite places: Denver Zoo and Children’s Hospital Colorado
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite Causes: Promoting healthy eating, kid safety, caring for animals and an active lifestyle
Drink: Fresh water
Personality attributes: Friendly, outgoing, caring, comforting and adventurous

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