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Children's Hospital Colorado Annual Report: "13 Truths from 2013"

Children's Hospital Colorado | April 24, 2014
Cover of the Children's Hospital Colorado annual report, "13 truths from 2013".

What is your truth?

On April 24, 2014, Children’s Hospital Colorado released our 2013 annual report at our annual meeting.

In 2013, the hospital looked at our top stories from the year. By doing so, we found 13 truths that speak honestly about our mission as a non-profit pediatric hospital.

Read our 2013 annual report

For our 2013 annual report, "13 Truths from 2013," readers will find an array of stories that tell about the caregivers, patients and supporters who keep Children’s Colorado moving ever forward.

There are more ways than ever before for readers to engage with the content and share your own stories. If you feel so compelled, look for “Share Your Experience” space at the bottom of the stories, as well as opportunities to share on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

One family's story: the truth about Down syndrome

Last year, Children’s Colorado opened new space for its Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome. As such, Down syndrome was featured in the 2013 annual report and meeting.

Watch this video that profiles the Hritz family. Their daughter Sarah, 2, has Down syndrome and has overcome incredible challenges to become a vibrant, thriving little girl.

Share this video if you feel inspired to let others know the truth about Down syndrome.