Children's Hospital Colorado

Parenting in a World with Mental Illness

The Denver Post | August 02, 2014
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"Do not romanticize my suffering. There is nothing beautiful about my sadness. There is nothing beautiful about me.” The caption and photo will be featured in the Children's Colorado Youth Action Board "Illuminate the Darkness" photo exhibit.

The Denver Post published two in-depth perspective pieces by Colorado moms who provided insight and concerns about parenting in a world with mental illness. The first article applauds Children’s Hospital Colorado “for creating a Youth Action Board this year to tackle the stigma of mental illness through a traveling photo exhibit created by its teenage members. It was a powerful experience for them, and they have been able to share with many of their peers in thought-provoking and candid presentations.”

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Children's Colorado Youth Action Board is made up of teens aged 16-17, from seven Denver metro area high schools.

To accompany the perspective pieces, The Denver Post highlighted "Illuminate the Darkness," a 15-panel photo story that provides youth’s unique perspectives on mental health and mental illness. "Illuminate the Darkness" was developed by the hospital’s Mental Health Youth Action Board, which is comprised of 13 youth, ages 16 and 17, from seven Metro Denver area high schools.

Learn more about the "Illuminate the Darkness" photo exhibit (.pdf).

The photo story features 13 photos, one from each of the members, along with captions that each youth member wrote to accompany their photo. The intention of the photo story is to create conversations that will help de-stigmatize mental illness among teens and young people.

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