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Exaggeration May be a Factor in Some Pediatric Concussion Symptoms

Children's Hospital Colorado | October 08, 2014
An athletic trainer talks to an athlete

Let’s face it – kids and teens can be dramatic, so how do you know if they’re exaggerating the symptoms of a concussion? Experts in the Concussion Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Orthopedics Institute recently studied patients with concussions who report lingering symptoms weeks and months after the injury.

“In our new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, we found that some children and adolescents who continue to report symptoms weeks and months after suffering a concussion may be exaggerating or feigning symptoms in order to get out of schoolwork or sports or for other reasons unrelated to their injury.”- Michael Kirkwood, Ph.D. and co-director of Children's Colorado's Concussion Program

Read the results of the concussion study to see when teens should undergo additional evaluation and how the concussion diagnosis impacts their development and psychosocial behaviors.