Children's Hospital Colorado

Children's Hospital Colorado Receives First ROSA™ Robot in the Region

Children's Hospital Colorado | December 23, 2015

Children’s Hospital Colorado announces the newest member to the Neuroscience Institute, ROSA™, an innovative neurosurgical assistance robot.

First to bring this innovation technology to our region

Children’s Colorado is the first hospital in the region to install the ROSA™ platform and one of only 26 centers currently in the United States to offer the latest technology in robotic-assisted neurosurgery.

The robot’s navigation guidance capabilities will allow the neurosurgical team to target the brain with increased precision, and the less invasive approach used with the robot reduces surgery time significantly when compared to traditional neurosurgery methods.  

Will advance pediatric care for children who need brain surgery

Serving as the first device of its kind in Colorado, ROSA™ will assist the neurosurgical team to advance pediatric care for children who need brain surgery – especially in kids who have epilepsy – in a safer, faster and more effective way.

“The Epilepsy Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado is the only comprehensive treatment program for children with chronic seizure disorders in the region. By adding this state of-the-art technology, we are improving the quality of care for our patients who need to undergo brain surgery,” said Brent O'Neill, MD, neurosurgeon at Children’s Colorado.

Opportunity to make brain surgery less invasive

ROSA™ will give Children’s Colorado the opportunity to make brain surgery less invasive and offer many benefits: smaller incision, lower infection risk, less pain medication, as well as the potential of not having to shave a child’s head.