Children's Hospital Colorado

New Campaign Teaches Parents about Babies' Brains

Children's Hospital Colorado | April 05, 2016

Every year, Children’s Hospital Colorado and Kohl's Cares team up to bring parents, caregivers and the community need-to-know information about the serious issues affecting the community’s children. 

This year, the partners took on a new issue: how early relationships promote brain development and lifelong health. 

We now know that what happens to children during the first two years of life impacts lifelong health and well-being. While positive interactions help build the foundation for a healthy mind and body, adverse experiences and environments can negatively impact development and well-being. Young children depend on their caregivers to protect them from negative experiences and events and provide safe and nurturing environments in which they can grow and thrive. 

Little Connections, Lifelong Foundations

In an effort to empower Colorado’s parents and community members to become aware of, and nurture young child development, Children’s Colorado and Kohl’s Cares created the “Little Connections, Lifelong Foundation” campaign. It aims to educate parents, caregivers and the community about the importance of interacting with babies and young children in small and meaningful ways, every day. 

Keep an eye out for components of the campaign on 9News, at the Pepsi Center and across the internet.