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11 Reasons to Be Glad You're Raising Kids Now

Colorado Parent | August 22, 2016

To celebrate 30 years of the magazine, Colorado Parent showcased the major progress that has been made to benefit kids' health. "Science is advancing at an incredible pace," said Dr. James Todd, head of the epidemiology department at Children’s Hospital Colorado and practicing physician for more than 40 years. Dr. Todd adds that he hopes to see better vaccines, more cancer research and most importantly, medical coverage for all children, in the near future. 

Here’s are three of the 11 biggest health advances since 1986

  1. Cancer survival: Children diagnosed with cancer today have dramatically improved chances of survival. “It’s incredible to think about the improvements in survival rates for childhood cancer, especially leukemia, during my career,” says Dr. Todd. According to the National Cancer Society, mortality rates for all childhood cancers have steadily decreased by about 2.1% every year since the mid-1970s. Learn more about our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.
  2. Mental health awareness: Doctors have become much better at identifying and treating mental health issues. Aside from recently developed pharmaceuticals, exciting new treatments such as creative arts therapy are growing rapidly. Increased awareness has reduced some of the stigma that many children in the past had to face. Learn more about our Pediatric Mental Health Institute.

  3. Gene Science: In the last several years, doctors have gone from having a simple grasp of a small fraction of our genes to having tens of thousands (and counting) of human genome sequences at their fingertips. The result of all of this information will be more individualized care. Learn more about our Genetic and Inherited Diseases department.

Read the other eight biggest health advances in the full article from Colorado Parent.