Children's Hospital Colorado

Children's Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs Shares Rendering of New Hospital

Children's Hospital Colorado | August 09, 2016

The new Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs released a rendering of the community’s only dedicated pediatric hospital, scheduled to be completed in late spring 2019.

The new Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs hospital is designed by team members with pediatric expertise to not only provide the most advanced and compassionate pediatric care but also to continue its long-standing commitment to quality and community integration. 

“As the vision for the new hospital continues to evolve, we are excited to share the latest version of what this facility will look like with the community,” said Greg Raymond, regional vice president of Children’s Hospital Colorado in southern Colorado. “Our team of pediatric experts has greatly contributed to the planning and design of the interior, and we are excited to be developing a facility that will match the expertise of the team providing care within it.” 

Warmth, hospitality & quality

Recently, more than 200 team members participated in the schematic design process – planning the layout of each department in the hospital and taking into consideration the functions and needs each room must meet for the patients, families and care teams.

The architecture incorporates many notable elements that have come to identify Children’s Hospital Colorado. Quality materials like brick, metal siding and tinted glass compose the signature curved canopies and facades that are consistent among Children’s Hospital Colorado buildings. The design also echoes the values upheld by Children’s Hospital Colorado – such as warmth, hospitality and quality.  

Local and regional elements in the masonry and glass colors have been added to ensure aesthetic consistency on the UCHealth Memorial Hospital North campus, which establishes it as a unique hospital on the campus tailored specifically for Colorado Springs. The hospital also will include views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range, optimized for patients staying and visiting the hospital.

New services for the community

The new Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs will bring to the community several new services, including its first pediatric-only operating rooms and pediatric-only emergency department. Pediatric operating rooms are specially designed and equipped to treat children, adolescents and teens, and a pediatric-only emergency department will allow kids to receive care for emergent conditions separately from adults. There also will be a pediatric sleep study lab, which will allow overnight observation of children's sleep patterns.

"Our team has spent their careers focused on developing expertise in pediatrics," Raymond told the Colorado Springs Gazette in an interview published this week. "We want a facility that matches that and positions our team members to function at the top of their skill. We also want to include the amenities needed for pediatric patients and their families," including, he notes, "sleeping facilities for parents."